Amber Bushnell - Twirly Bird House

Amber Bushnell Twirly Bird House

Amber Bushnell's Bio

Amber Marjorie Bushnell is currently in her 3rd and final year as an MFA candidate in Media Arts (Integrated Digital Media option) at the University of Montana.  Amber’s focuses and interests are in illustration, installations, window display design experiences (with custom animation elements), live visual performance (VJing), public art, interactive design, custom still & motion design, and collaboration.  Most of her art work combines digital and analog art methods.  Through her on going projects Amber strives towards the goal of giving viewers an experience, influencing them for even just a moment with delight in discovery and curiousity.  Her art work is completed with her viewers’ experiences, therefore if no one sees her art, it will never be finished.  Keep your eyes open… She has presented her work in Brooklyn, NY at the Pandemic Gallery,  Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach, Florida, and a number of times in Missoula, MT including the Missoula Art Museum, Wilma Theatre, The Historic Missoula Mercantile (Macy’s Building), First Night Missoula, & Off the Rack, and part of Missoula’s BassFace Krew (BFK) Artist Collective. Please check out her work at "Twirly Bird House" incorporates Amber Bushnell's digital and analog art style through the use of wood burning, bright colored acrylic stains, and of course, motion with the animation of a character she calls the "twirly bird" (the hummingbird's less known cousin... ;)  ).  The board was also designed to create an experience for each viewer, and is part of Amber's on going series/study call the Accessorize Project (see for more information). Visit Amber Bushnell's Website »