Girls on Shred

Girls on Shred (GOS), formerly a division of The Montana Skatepark Association, is a female board-sport organization dedicated to providing opportunities for learning and connecting through an interest in skateboarding and snowboarding in and around Montana. Their goal is to alleviate the pressure and intimidation of a male-dominated platform by hosting clinics that free up a safe space for girls and non-binary persons to learn and develop their skills.

Since 2010, GOS has hosted free snowboarding clinics for women in west central Montana. In 2015, they widened their scope to include skateboarding as well. In that transition, GOS reached out to MSA board member Kim Petersen, who has been slip-slidin’ on her skateboard for over 30 years and is an icon of skateboarding in the Northwest U.S.. Together, they have hosted at least one event per month, and plan on maintaining that standard. The MSA is proud of the work that GOS is doing, and are happy to see them utilizing Montana’s skateparks in a positive way.