Eat Tacos. Build skateparks.

Eat Tacos. Build skateparks.

The Montana Skatepark Association is beyond stoked to announce a bit of good news!

Thanks to a new(ish) – and very generous – restaurant in Missoula called Locals Only, the MSA stands to make a bit of money in 2018. How you ask?

Simple. Just by eating tacos and drinking beer!! Oh. Hell. Yes!

As part of their mission to support Missoula-based non-profit organizations who are dedicated to making our community such a great place to be, Locals Only donates .25 from every menu item ordered to a chosen non-profit. In 2017, our buddies over at the Max Wave were the beneficiaries of their generosity. They even got a big ol’ check for over $9,000!! In 2018, the MSA will be the beneficiary and we would looooove to be presented with a big check too.

So if you want to support us this year, one way to do it is by pretending you are on vacation!

Huge thank you to everyone at …

Locals Only
149 W Broadway
Missoula, MT