Calling all Recruits!

Calling all Recruits!

Take and share a photo inspired by Pearl Jam’s song, “Faithfull” from Yield.

Here’s how to play along:

  1. Take a photo inspired by “Faithfull.”
  2. Upload it to this event page. Use these hashtags: #JAAPhotoEvent and #Faithfull.
  3. If you want, tell us a little something about the photo (date photo was taken, place, how it relates to the song, etc.).
  4. You can enter ONLY ONE photo!


Make sure it’s a photo YOU took. Don’t use anyone’s copyrighted images, make sure the work is wholly your own, and keep it clean!

 Event Page

Optional Donation to increase your odds:

TO INCREASE YOUR ODDS, you can make a $5 donation through Montana Skatepark Association to support the Circle 13 Skatepark in Hamilton, Montana. Every $5 donation (or increment) you make gets your name thrown in the hat an extra time.


JAA will randomly draw 3 names from everyone who participates in the photography event On July 1, 2017. Those 3 winners will receive prizes, one of which is Mike McCready’s book, “Of Potato Heads and Polaroids: My Life Inside and Out of Pearl Jam,” as the grand prize.

Deadline: 10pm Mountain, June 30, 2017.

We’ll draw the names and post/tweet them on Saturday, July 1, 2017.